Results from my first day of public pre-alpha testing

Overall lesson: I have a ton of work to do πŸ™‚ I got about 50 plays and 12 replies (from reddit and TIGSource forums). People dug the idea and the puzzles, but I really need to fix the collision issues. Buggy physics really killed the experience for some people and made them stop playing (I really, really appreciate the honest feedback). That’s gonna be priority #1 for the near future, and I’ll probably post some tech-heavy notes about it.

I used Playtomic to track some play stats, and here’s a plot of # of times people entered a level:

As expected, I lose about half the players half way through. But what’s with the first level getting so little love? Well, it’s pretty clear when you look at the level select layout:

This is how you start in the level select hub each time. Players probably figured that the introductory level was actually level 1 because you start to the right of it, and thus didn’t bother going “back” to it. Fascinating πŸ™‚


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