Project Updates

It’s been a busy time for me, looking for a job and all, but I still manage to find time to work on the 2/3 projects I’ve got in the pipeline:

– The rhythm game has a fresh new title: Beat Juice Radio. Play the current build here!. A lil bit Puzzlejuice and a lil bit Jet Set/Grind Radio, two games with some killer style and innovative game play. We also got a new artist and he has come up with a sweet new look for our game. Here’s a sneak peak:

We’re hoping to wrap this up in about a month and put it up on Kongregate. Then, we’ll have done our part in pushing rhythm games a little bit.

– About a month ago, I finally implemented a puzzle platformer idea I had been sitting on for a while. The result was this:

There are about 14 levels in there right now, and I have some more on paper. This is a much better “yield rate” than Pupil – I should definitely implement more ideas from my list more often! I found a fellow Cornellian to help me with the art, and so far she’s produced some great mock ups. Here’s one of them:

It would be great to get this ready to show for Indiecade, but given that I’m gonna be completely busy in May with work, job interviews, and a lil bit of Beat Juice Radio, this will have to wait until summer. Ah well!

As for Pupil, well, I’m pretty much taking a break from it right now. I still think about it a lot, especially while playing Fez. I think Pupil would be very well suited as an exploration-style game rather than its current Braid-like focus on puzzles. If you haven’t heard them already, the Infinite Ammo podcast has some great conversations with indie devs about the creative process. It’s good to know that other indie devs I really respect also face the same kind of creative struggles that I’ve been having with Pupil.


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