OK, more MOR updates. This game is turning out much better than Pupil! I’ve been working on it for almost half a year now, and so far the puzzle count is around 30. They’re not all super-awesome, but there’s a good amount of stuff in there I’m pretty proud of. I’ve also cut a bunch of puzzles that felt like filler. I have a few more ideas for mechanics, and I don’t think I’ve squeezed the existing ones dry yet, so there’s still plenty of work left! I think I’ll submit it to IGF – not expecting anything, but I would love to get people’s feedback. The current build looks something like this:


I’ve also started prototyping another simple game mechanic that’s turning out OK so far. I think it has promise…but it’s gonna take some more tweaking before I’m convinced. I’ve started learning Lua and I’m using LOVE2D to prototype it – I actually like it better than Unity for rapid prototyping! Cool.

In other news, I’m done with my PhD (so you can call me Dr. An :P), and I’m living in the SF Bay Area now! W0000t.


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