IndieCade, and MOR updates

So two weeks ago I went to IndieCade…and it was frikkin awesome. I got to meet tons of talented, passionate indie developers, I met some of my game dev heros (JOHN ROMERO!!!!), and I played some awesome indie games (RENGA!!!!!!). The talks were also very inspiring, especially Bernie De Koven’s key note on The Well Played Game (reading the book now) and Bennett Foddy’s talk about difficulty. Overall, it’s a great feeling to be part of a relatively small community drawn together by a common creative passion.

I was also showing Moments of Reflection to anyone who would spare the time, and that was a great idea. People really enjoyed the game, and it also helped to uncover some issues with the game. Based on watching people play it (I think I got about 10+ people to play it for at least 10 minutes), I redesigned the “tutorial” a little bit for the better. I basically got sick of telling people that they could move the mouse 😛 One highlight was during the “Game Slam”, where I got to show the game to a small audience for 2 minutes. The moment I showed the reflection mechanic, I immediately got a round of applause initiated by Richard Lemarchand! It feels a bit cheesy to say this, but I can’t deny that that kind of validation is very invigorating. The game was also recently featured on, which blew my mind a little bit that those guys would care about my game 🙂

Anyway, I don’t know when MOR will be considered “done”, but I will definitely continue to work on it. There are still mechanics I want to add and see how they interact with the core reflection mechanic. We also plan on doing more world-building to give the game a sense of atmosphere and cohesion. I also must thank Sijie Liu, who has done all the visual art (except for the stuff that sucks – that’s me), and Mark Anderson, who is doing all the sound and music. I’m infinitely grateful to have these talented folks working with me.

Lastly, I submitted the game to the IGF and made this lil trailer for it: