Here is my humble game development portfolio so far. Not much yet, but more to come in the future!

In Progress

Moments of Reflection (playable work in progress, video) – Another puzzle platformer based around the ability to modify level geometry using reflection.

The Dilating Pupil (work in progress, playable) – Playtime: 15-30 minutes. A 2D puzzle-platformer game based around the ability to shrink and grow arbitrarily.

Finished Games

The Great Flip-Off! – Playtime: 15 minutes. This is a simple little physics-action-puzzler I made mostly on a Saturday afternoon. It involves pinball flippers and sunshine.

Beat Juice Radio – Playtime: ~1 minute per play, but you’ll hopefully want to play many times 🙂 A fresh take on rhythm games. Originally made with 4 other talented folks at the 2012 Global Game Jam at NYU (Best Audio winner!). After about 4 months of part-time dev and a few different artists, we’ve finally released it on Kongregate!

BoomBox – Playtime: 3-5 minutes. A mini-challenge game. Made in 4 hours for the GDC2012 Pirate Kart. I have a love/hate relationship with this thing..

GeoMatch: New York – Playtime: 3-5 minutes. A small edu-tainment game I did with my friend Brian for the Ithaca City School District. The librarian told us the kids loved it and couldn’t stop playing – it’s immensely rewarding to hear feedback like that!

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – Playtime: 4-6 hours. Right after I graduated from college, I worked at 2K Games for a year and shipped this baby. I had a great time working on it, I learned a lot, and I met a lot of great people from the team. My proudest contribution to the game? Giving Ben (Thing) the ability to beat down Russian space monkeys with a radish. You’re welcome.


Fizzle Physics (video) – This was a prototype intended to help high school students learn physics. The idea was to virtually recreate classical educational physics labs, such as electricity generation in this example, in a compelling 3D game. For schools that can’t afford all the equipment for such labs, this could be a viable alternative. Currently, Debo is still pursuing funding for the project, so please contact him if you’re interested in helping out: dolaoseb at gmail.

iPhone X-Com Clone (video) – Back when the iPhone first came out, and when I was pretty naive about game development, I decided to make X-Com for the iPhone. Sure enough, this turned out to be a huge undertaking and I never finished it, but I managed to get a basic zoomable isometric engine running at a decent frame rate. This was way more challenging than expected as iOS doesn’t let you draw directly to the frame buffer, so you have to go through OpenGL ES to draw sprites, which can be quite expensive if they’re alpha-blended. Anyway, click the screen shot to see a quick video.


– These games are just bad, and you shouldn’t waste your time with them, but I do believe it’s good for developers to post their failures as well as successes.

MachineHead – Made in 4 hours for the Pirate Kart 2012, but I spent most of my time getting that “Lost Highway” look anyway. It’s kind of exciting for 15 seconds, and then you realize the game play is really dull and uninteresting.


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